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Coronavirus Information for Tenants

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Coronavirus / COVID-19

Under the latest lifting of restrictions you are allowed to move out of, or move in to a new property. See the following link for the latest government guidelines specific to this:

CURRENT TENANT (Student Specific) FAQ

My tenancy ends on the 29th June, I went home for lockdown but my belongings are all in the property, when can I return to collect these?
You are now allowed to travel enabling you to move out. Ultimately you must move out & clear all your belongings out of the property and hand your keys into your managing letting office by 10.00 a.m. on the end date on your tenancy.

As a result of COVID19 we increased the cleaning in developments with communal areas to include the regular wiping down of handles/handrails with disinfectant, however please stay alert when moving through these areas and where possible avoid contact with other people in the corridors and lifts, washing your hands regularly.

If you are a tenant returning to move out in a multi occupied property (i.e. 2 bed or more) & you didn’t stay in the same household, you must try & adhere to the current government guidelines and avoid all returning at exactly the same time. If you are on a joint and several tenancy agreement please liaise directly with your fellow house/flat mates to ensure social distancing. If you were on an individual contract (room only in a shared apartment) and unable to liaise with your fellow flatmates directly please ensure you advise the managing office when you are returning and we will ensure a text is sent to all the occupants to make sure that everyone is aware and can avoid contact.

I am abroad and can’t get a flight to the UK to be able to empty the apartment/hand in my keys?
If you flew abroad before the strict lockdown and left your belongings and do not think you will be able to come back to collect your belongings please contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can make alternative arrangements with you.

When will the office be open? How do I hand my keys in if the office is closed?
We are hoping to be able to start opening the lettings offices with safety measures in place by Friday 29th May (with restricted hours 10.30 – 15.30 and limited staff)

When you enter the office, you will need to ensure you follow the exact instructions of the member of staff and directional signage.

If the office is NOT open for you to hand in your keys s - Please put your keys in an envelope with your name & if known tenant reference number DO NOT put the property address and hand in person to the following: - If your property is managed by the City Centre or Gatecrasher lettings office you should hand this envelope into the West One Concierge Office, 16 Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield, S1 4JY, If your property is managed by the Whitham Road/Broomhill or Ecclesall Road lettings office you should only place this envelope through the secure letter box at the property 134 Whitham Road, Sheffield, S10 2SR

Am I currently still living in the property, my tenancy ends the 29th June, when do I need to move out?
You need to have fully vacated the property and returned the keys to us by 10.00 a.m. Monday 29th June. The office will be open from 9.00 a.m. on 29th June to hand the keys in. You can of course leave earlier, following the instructions above if the office is closed.

Can I claim a refund/stop paying rent if I fully vacate the property before the end of my tenancy agreement?
If you fully vacate your property early we can start the process to arrange the return of your deposit straight away.

However your accommodation has been provided to you as per the terms of your contract. The decision to suspend face to face studies was taken by your University in light of Government guidance to limit the spread of the virus. This is a decision that is out of our control. Whilst we are aware some University residences have agreed to refunds, you are renting private accommodation and therefore it does not come under this category. Under current circumstances the Government has not offered any concessions to private landlords to enable us to offer a rebate as such the rent will be due in full up to the end of the contractual term of your tenancy.

I have lost my part time job, or my parents/sponsor are unable to support me and I may not be able to pay the next rent instalment.
The minister for universities has confirmed that students will receive their student loans, therefore you should continue to make your regular rent payment. If you cannot make full payment you should make whatever payment you can and advise us immediately of any shortfalls so we can agree a payment plan for the remaining balance. We will support you as much as possible and we can confirm that so long as a payment plan is agreed any deferred or late payments as a direct result of COVID-19 will not attract any penalty interest. – To set up a payment plan see contact details at the end of this FAQ.

I want to report a repair/maintenance in my accommodation – will you still attend?
Yes - All Repairs should emailed as usual, in the first instance you will be asked if you have symptoms or potentially have been exposed to the virus (this is to ensure we stop the spread of the virus) All emergency repairs will be dealt with urgently.

Non urgent repairs are now been dealt with, our maintenance team & contractors will be equipped with PPE where necessary in your & their safety.

The appropriate contact listed to report maintenance is at the end of this FAQ.

Do you still need to know if I am self-isolating & if it is because I am at risk or if I may have symptoms?
Yes - This is still important so we can help stop the spread of the virus and be aware of any potential risk to you, as a tenant (if you come under the high risk category) or if you would pose a risk to anyone (if you have symptoms or the virus) who may need to come into your house to carry out essential repairs or testing.

FUTURE TENANT (Student Specific) FAQ

As the government has currently lifted the lockdown restrictions you will be able to collect your keys/move into your property on Thursday 2nd July adhering to the latest guidelines. We will continue to monitor government announcements and further instructions will be sent out to our future tenants nearer the time.

I have decided I will not be coming to university for the 2020/21 academic year can I cancel my contract?
Under current circumstances the Government has not offered any other guidance or passed any new legislation therefore your contractual obligations as per the terms of your Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement are subject to statutory law and still apply and you are unable to cancel your contract. Contact us in person to discuss your options.


As the lockdown restrictions & you are now allowed to move out/move in, all the existing terms of your AST apply subject to slightly new procedures adhering to social distancing. Please contact your managing office for specific information – see the end of this FAQ for contact details or refer to your tenancy agreement.


The market has re-opened for future bookings, in the very first instance we are currently only offering viewings on empty properties and not face to face but can offer you a safe bespoke personal live “video tour/walk through” of the accommodation at a time to suit yourself. If we are satisfied that it is safe to do we can arrange a person to person viewings (Adhering to social distancing rules)

Should you need to contact a member of the team please use the following emails:

West One Apartments, Huttons Buildings, Tiger Works – Tel: 0114 2722400 email

Gatecrasher Apartments, Sellers Wheel, Speedwell Apartments, Niche Building – Tel: 0114 2133371 email

All properties managed by the Ecclesall Rd office including Porter brook, Broomgrove Apartments, Broomhall St, Upper Hanover, Brunswick, Gell St, John St, Arley St, Vincent Rd, Alderson Rd, Onslow Rd, Rosedale Rd- Tel: 0114 2134780 email

All properties managed by the Whitham Road office including Whitham Rd, Fulwood Rd, Tapton House Rd, Newbould Lane, Crookesmoor Rd, Barber Road – Tel: 0114 2296823

Due to the COVID-19 crisis we do have a reduced workforce, we are also experiencing higher than normal enquiries at present. We will endeavour to respond as soon as we can. We thank you for your cooperation and patience during these difficult times to keep our staff and you, our tenants safe.

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