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Socialising and celebrating at a distance – making use of time at home

Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep in touch with our friends and family, and come up with new, creative ways of having fun!

Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep in touch with our friends and family, and come up with new, creative ways of having fun – while all staying in our own homes.

Many of us have leapt off the sofa to work out at home, or got out to make use of the great outdoors. Even more of us have got back in touch with our culinary side.

But the most important thing we’ve all done is keep in touch with loved ones whom we may not have seen in months – and through a variety of innovative means!

Some of our staff have been very busy making use of extra time at home during lockdown – so we thought we’d provide the lowdown on lockdown from our team members, Holly Robinson and John Barker.

Charity initiatives

Who else has run 5km or supported a charity in some way during lockdown? With so many fantastic causes to support and the need to raise funds and awareness for charities greater than ever, Holly from our City Centre team is one who has dusted off her running shoes.

Holly followed up with a charity donation – and on the flip side, also took part in the ‘down and donate’ movement. We know which one we would enjoy most!

Quiz nights

Some of us will have grown weary of being restricted to seeing friends and family on a screen – however, Holly has certainly been making the most of it and is living her best virtual life in lockdown.

A holiday-themed quiz (it’s the next-best thing, right?) was followed by an ‘apre ski’ themed quiz night, which involved plenty of ski clothing and a house temporarily converted into a ski resort!

We also love the sound of Holly’s ‘dress like your partner’ and festival-themed quizzes – take a look at some of the crazy costume ideas which Holly and her friends and family came up with on our Facebook page!

Self-improvement – and self-preservation!

It’s worth noting that with the growth of social media and the increase in screen time for us all at the moment, there comes a subconscious pressure to follow in the footsteps of our peers.

While it’s fantastic to see the inspirational ways in which people have remained motivated – be it learning a language or by pushing the fitness boat out – it’s also important to note that for some of us, self-improvement during this time can just as easily come in the form of relaxing and allowing ourselves a bit of space to breathe.

That said, our Lettings Negotiator and social media star, John Barker, has been busy re-learning the guitar during lockdown. We’re hoping that John’s confidence in front of a camera can be combined with a newfound musical skill, and look forward to his debut gig back in the office… No pressure, John!

Celebrations and lockdown birthdays

Events are cancelled left, right and centre – but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate them. Indeed, if anything, at the moment celebrating the little things in life is more important than ever.

Celebrations during lockdown have led us to get creative with the ways we interact with one another – so it’s no surprise to see virtual versions of karaoke, cookery classes (with chefs such as Jamie Oliver offering online sessions), Netflix Parties, video games and even virtual wine and beer tasting becoming popular.

Holly from our team had not one, not two, but three family birthdays during lockdown, and each one needed to be celebrated in their own way! Cue a birthday present and card doorstep drop or two on her way to the supermarket to pick up essential items, along with a quick rendition of ‘happy birthday’, of course.

Holly and her family also held a virtual horses race night – another innovative, fun idea. After researching past races and working out the odds, each person placed a bet on which horse they think won each race… And Holly came out the winner! We’ll be first in line for her prediction of the lottery numbers next time she plays.

Our team have made good use of a bit more time spent at home recently, and we’d love to hear what you’ve been doing to keep your mind and body active – tag us on social media with your ideas!

Socialising and celebrating at a distance – making use of time at home

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Socialising and celebrating at a distance – making use of time at home
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