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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other queries about our student accommodation, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

  • CANCELLATION POLICY View our cancellation policy (PDF)
  • COVID POLICY & PROCEDURES There are currently no Covid restrictions in the UK but please see for the latest news & for any information if you are travelling to the UK from overseas
  • What is the contract length? 10, 11 or 12 months or even 14 months depending on the site please ask for specific availability.
  • What is the admin fee? There is NO administration/application fee
  • What is the deposit per person? Generally on students shared accommodation it will be £150 per person - or £300 in a studio, however on some of our luxury accommodation it may be higher, it would never be more than the equivalent of 5 weeks rent. Please refer to the actual property advertisement for more details.
  • Can you have dual occupancy? Whilst all our prices are based per person & in our shared student apartments or single person studios you cannot have a bedroom occupied by more than one person, we do sometimes allow dual occupancy in some of our larger studios or 1 bedroom apartments. A small additional weekly charge is made for dual occupancy to cover additional keys/fobs, extra wear & tear and increased utility usage. The charge is generally approximately £15-£20 per week for the second person. Please speak to our team for more information.
  • Is the deposit refundable? We always hope we will be returning all your deposit, and will only make any stoppages when absolutely necessary
  • Is my deposit protected under Tenancy Deposit Protection Legislation? Yes, your deposit is held in a separate account by DPS and is protected under government "Tenancy Deposit" regulations.
  • Who is the internet provider & what is the speed? ASK4 are the providers for Gatecrasher, Sellers Wheel, Speedwell, Niche, Porterbrook, Broomgrove, Huttons, with a speed of 200Mb wired, 100Mb wireless. PINEMEDIA are the providers for West One (phase 3) & all other houses/apartments with a speed of 20Mb included but with an option to upgrade (extra charge) up to 1000Mb which is the fastest broadband available in the UK exclusively through PineMedia.
  • Do I have to pay council tax? If you're a full time student you will be able to apply for exemption. Please see the Sheffield council website for more details.
  • Will we need to buy a TV Licence for the property? If you are all inclusive your TV License is included.
  • Do I need to insure my belongings? We insure the building but that does NOT include your personal belongings, we recommend you take out your own insurance for these. Gatecrasher & Broomgrove Apartments ONLY, now do include contents insurance as part of your all inclusive package.
  • When is the rent due? The rent is paid in 3 instalments - the 20th June, the 20th October and the 20th February.
  • Can I pay monthly? The contract will always be based on the 3 rent periods however if you have a guarantor you can apply thereafter to set up a monthly payment plan, this must be done well in advance of the first rental payment to enable time to process.
  • What do I need to do if I want to sign up? You can make an appointment to come into the office to see us, however we now complete all signups online (via docusign) so if it’s more convenient it can all be done remotely.
  • What do we need to take with us to sign up? Due to ‘the right to rent’ (a government set scheme) you will need your passport and student card - International students will need their passport, student card and visa.
  • How fast do you think we need to sign up? We would suggest signing up as soon as you are happy all tenants are in agreement, the properties are reserved quickly and when it’s gone it’s gone. Please be aware you are signing a contract and therefore you cannot just change your mind later, you are liable to the rent for the period of the contract.
  • Can I put a small payment down to reserve the property? No, we do not reserve properties. It is on a first come first serve basis. Who ever signs the contracts first gets the property.
  • Is there 24 hour call out? West One & Gatecrasher have night time security who also patrol the following sites (West One, Gatecrasher, Sellers Wheel, Niche & Speedwell) – whilst we give out the telephone number of West one Concierge for all our tenants unless it was a life threatening emergency there is not 24 hours assistance on any other developments/houses.
  • Safety All our properties adhere to the government Gas/Electric and Fire safety recommendations and HMO licensing regulations. You will be provided will all the relevant documents when you sign your contract.
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