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Staying in Sheffield over Christmas

So, you’ve decided that you’re staying at University over Christmas.

With January exams and other deadlines on the horizon, it’s likely that you will be spending a lot of time hard at work. However, we’re here to help you out with planning what to do with your spare time to make the most of the quiet few weeks in the city. 

#1 Learn a new skill

If you’ve been surviving off microwave meals and pesto pasta since you started at university, now could be a great time to discover some new recipes. BBC Good Food has a whopping 86 student-friendly recipes to choose from, helping you make the most of having an entire kitchen to yourself. 

Alternatively, what about starting up that hobby you promised yourself you would make time for? Whether this is sewing, meditation or gaming, a bit of peace and quiet for you to enjoy you time will be good for the soul. 

#2 Stay in touch with friends and family 

Your flatmates and course buddies might have gone home for Christmas, but catching up online will help you to stay connected. Staying in the loop with what everyone is up to over the festive period will feel like less time has passed when everyone returns in January. 

Making time for family over the break (in whichever way you choose) will allow you to catch up with everyone special to you back home and ease the distance. 

#3 Get a headstart on work 

It can be tempting to spend your university break relaxing, but those January deadlines will come round quickly! Get a headstart on your assignments and revision whilst you have some time to yourself, allowing you to design your own work schedule outside of lectures and timetables. 

Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University have released their Christmas opening hours and details of how students can receive support during the holidays, so make sure to familiarise yourself with where you can go to get those extra hours of work in. Alternatively, many cafes in the city centre will be open around Christmas for a change of scenery. 

#4 Get outside & socialise

Getting outside for fresh air is so important for your mental health, so be sure to take those minutes out of the house each day if possible. December is always chilly in Sheffield, so make sure to wrap up! 

Although you might feel like you’re alone in staying at uni over Christmas, there are many other students that will be doing the same. Pop a message in your group chats to see if there is anyone around that would like to hang out, it’s a great opportunity to make time for people you wouldn’t often see. 

West One office Christmas opening hours

Friday 23rd December - 09:00-13:00 

Saturday 24th December - CLOSED

Sunday 25th December - CLOSED

Monday 26th December - CLOSED

Tuesday 27th December - CLOSED

Wednesday 28th December - 10:00-15:30

Thursday 29th December - 10:00-15:30

Friday 30th December - 10:00-14:00 

Saturday 31st December - CLOSED

Sunday 1 January - CLOSED

Monday 2 January - CLOSED

Usual office opening hours resume Tuesday 3rd Jan 9am.

For enquiries and emergencies outside of office hours, refer to our website: https://westone-student-accommodation-sheffield.co.uk/tenants.aspx

Staying in Sheffield over Christmas

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Staying in Sheffield over Christmas
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