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Saving money as a student.

Among all the great things that university offers, the financial side of your time studying may prove to be the most daunting.

Saving money as a student.

Exploring a new city can be so exciting; from visiting new places of interest to meeting new people and joining socials. However, as we all know, nearly everything costs money. 

Finding this balance can play a crucial part in the making or breaking of your time at university. Here are some top tips for having a great time whilst staying financially stable!

Make the most of student offers on nights out. 

Try to keep your nights out to ones that are catered towards students. Not only will you get the best atmosphere partying the night away with your fellow students, but also you will be saving so much money in the long run. 

Drinks will often be available on deals, so make the most of these advertised nights out and you won’t be spending over the limit for a good night.

Budget the weekly food shop. 

Give yourself a weekly budget for groceries and be clever in what you are buying. Long-lasting foods such as pasta and rice can be bought in bulk and saved in your kitchen cupboards. Even fresh produce such as meat can be stored in the freezer to preserve them for a longer date. 

Only buy products that you know you will get through and are entirely necessary - this way you won’t be chucking food nor money away. By limiting yourself to a certain amount to spend at each shop, you will be able to plan your meals and save yourself so much money further down the line.

Among the cost-of-living crisis, eating out and ordering in has become so expensive, so if you can save money by cooking at home then you will not only be leading a probably healthier lifestyle, but also lowering your outgoings. It’s a win-win.

Join the fun at socials and societies. 

Joining socials and societies is a great way to enhance your Uni experience, and one of the best things is that they are often low-cost. Most societies are free to join, or a small sign-up fee, so why not have fun with and meet some new people? Whether it’s playing for your course football team, or participating in chess society, it’s definitely something to enjoy on top of your studying.

Saving money as a student.

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Saving money as a student.
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